Directica’s Car Shopping Portal Announces ADF Leads for Dealers

Introducing New Automotive ADF Leads For Dealers

This week, Directica Media’s car shopping portal, continues to innovate its offering to car dealerships by introducing ADF leads in the U.S. and Canada. This service caters to dealerships who want to save time, seek better lead integration with existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and achieve a higher standard of convenience by collecting customer leads in the industry standard Auto-Lead Data Format (ADF) directly from the car listing page.

What is ADF?

Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) is an open XML-based standard for sending consumer purchase requests to automotive dealerships. The standards were originally set by a collaboration of 13 different automotive-focused Internet companies. Information is organized into five overall categories: Lead, Vehicle, Customer, Vendor, and Service. Many vendors of CRM systems serving the automotive industry support the ADF standard.

Our Integrated Form

Our new ADF Leads extension replaces the default contact method with a built in ADF Leads form. After the customer fills out this simple form, the data is organized by the ADF, which is then sent to an email address of your choice, then into the CRM for the dealer to access. This is all done just by clicking that ‘submit’ button on the form.

Main Benefits

  • Dealers: Increase sales, organized leads, customer satisfaction, lower training costs, less manual entry errors and setup for the other sales automation software.
  • Customers: Receive quicker and more accurate service and sales responses.
  • Service Providers: Improved leads from dealer and phased out use of older transfer methods.

The new ADF/XML option is already included on all premium accounts. Existing Dealers can check their account status in the U.S. or in Canada by logging into your dashboard. handles inventory advertising for 1400+ dealerships in the U.S. & Canada and works with many dealership inventory management tool providers too. We can quickly import your existing xml feed into our website to get you started. Email us: if you have questions or would like to move to #ADFLeads.


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